• Artichoke leaf extract 20 000 mg
  • Choline Chloride 30 000 mg
  • Carnitine L-tartrate 120 000 mg
  • Betaine HCL 30 000 mg
  • Biotin 900 mg
  • Sorbitol 70% 450 000 mg

HEPATO CARE is a liver tonic that has energized phytogenic extracts that reflow life energy in the liver.


Functions of liver secretion

  • fatty liver syndrome, The principal cause is thought to be excessive calorie intake, but it may also be related to exposure to the mycotoxin aflatoxin, calcium deficiency and/or stress. An incorrect protein: energy balance may also be to blame.
  • Fatty Liver and Kidney Syndrome (FLKS) mostly affects younger birds. It is caused by nutritional and metabolic issues- primarily a lack of biotin.




  • The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body.
  • It facilitates metabolism and cleans up the toxins from the body.
  • Although the self-repairing nature upholds the vitality of the liver, the number of toxins passing through can severely damage it.
  • A good nutritional liver supplement can assist the liver in carrying out its functions smoothly.




  • Helps in liver support for poultry
  • Helps to repair, rejuvenate & regenerate liver cells
  • Helps to improves digestion & absorption
  • Helps to secrete digestive juices
  • Helps to increase body weight & improves production



Cynarin “Artichoke”

  • Artichoke is a vegetable appreciated for its flavorful leaves and flower bases.
  • Artichokes have numerous healthful properties.
  • One of these healthful properties can be found in the artichoke leaves.
  • The leaves contain a compound called “cynarin” which has demonstrated liver tonic properties.



Cynarin benefits

  • has the direct effect on the production and secretion of bile favoring the digestion of fats by means of its own emulsification.
  • inhibits of inflammation and ROS, improves liver function, gut microbiota, enhances lipolysis and lipid metabolism



Artichoke leaf is thought to lower cholesterol by two specific mechanisms:

  • First, by increasing bile flow and production, it stimulates the breakdown and elimination of cholesterol.
  • Second, it inhibits the production of cholesterol in the liver.




  • The main function of choline is to act as a lipotropic agent and prevents the abnormal fatty infiltration in the liver (Fatty Liver Syndrome) thus ensures proper metabolism of the body & effective utilization of the nutrients.
  • Moreover, it helps in the formation of an excitatory neurotransmitter-acetylcholine, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system and maintains its harmony.





  1. Building and maintaining cell structures, Fat metabolism of the liver.
  2. Formation of acetylcholine (essential) and Methyl-group donor (non-essential) via betaine.
  3. improves egg production in layer bird




  • L-carnitine plays a key role in energy metabolism of cells, mainly, by transferring acyl groups from cytoplasm to mitochondrial matrix for β-oxidation.
  • L-carnitine regulates coenzyme A concentrations in cytosol and mitochondria, glucose and lipid metabolisms. carnitine and its precursors (lysine, methionine) reduce the formation of abdominal fat in broilers.
  • respectively. Hatching rate was increased from 83% to 87% and from 82.4% to 85.3% in groups supplemented with 50 and 100 mg L-carnitine, respectively, and in randomly sampled eggs of these groups carnitine concentration in yolk was higher.




  • Betaine has been used in broiler nutrition for many years. Scientific proof has shown that betaine improves production performance, replaces other methyl group donors such as choline and methionine, assists birds during heat stress and improves slaughter characteristics.
  • Betaine may promote various intestinal microbes against osmotic variations and thus improve microbial fermentation activity. Previous studies showed that dietary supplementation of betaine in poultry diets could positively affect nutrients’ digestibility, reduce abdominal fat weight, and increase breast meat yield. In addition, betaine has been reported to protect internal organs and boost their performance.





  • Use HEPATO CARE as a liver tonic routinely during chronic and acute toxic symptoms and any stress and during vaccination.

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